I just had a great idea!

So, lately I've been doing more writing-- working on a book on Go, for packt publishing. It's going to be cool!

So, I've been getting a lot of practice writing things... making things flow together and what have you, so there's one motivation to be blogging more. But, what should I write about? just random tech stuff I learn on the job, and then also crank out blog posts for? The idea just doesn't appeal to me, as it feels too 'worky' and less inspired or personally fulfilling to me.

But I have these awesome side-projects I am working on...

And then I made the connection today, I can write about my side-projects. Lately I have been making almost weekly updates to http://webcmd.ds0nt.com (webcommander), and I would love to summarize them in a blog post!! Also I end up trying to tell people in context what I did the previous weekend or whatever, but failing miserably because there is so much context they are missing.

So this will solve that too, I guess. Sweet!

But, then also this writes an interesting story. The projects I am building I hope to one day turn into real internet businesses. Like, for instance I want to build something in the same category as slack, or heroku, or codeship. I want my projects turn into something like that.

Also, I produce so much monitor pr0n amongst my chats and facebook posts, that I am pretty sure I may as well blog post those up too, and share posts to reddit or something. Get to practice marketting and analytics on that one.

Anyways, so this whole she-bang is going to come together when I make a post about the beta or release of an actual product. I'll have this whole blog of content about it already, and then I can share a blog post specialized for marketting my app and share that on Hackernews, and ProductHunt.

Pretty cool right? I'll have the know-how, and the blog in place to be able to receive traffic if I get it. I'll sortof know what I'm doing, and have had more practice writing to my audience. And then I'll have a blog of wonderous mysteries to entice them to talk about positive things in response to my post on hackernews and producthunt. They will see I'm a crazy tech-product-nerd too.

So, yup. Expect a whole lot more in the 'Random stuff Dan' is doing category.