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A Plan for my Future Blogging

I just had a great idea! So, lately I've been doing more writing-- working on a book on Go, for packt publishing. It's going to be cool! So, I've been getting a lot of practice writing things... making things flow together and what have you, so there's one motivation to …

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Japanese Flash Cards App

I've got my Japanese Study cards web app up and running again! http://jp-cards.ds0nt.com/ I've added a user login system, so that the app can give you feedback on which cards you've done already and such. And I want to add a feature that lets you take a …

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Noise Blog

Noises go in noise blog. Noise blog has noises. Nothing more to see here. https://soundcloud.com/daniel-sont/noise-blog-1 …

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Another Iteration of my Blog

It's ds0nt's blog again! Here I'll be writing about many a thing. I'm going to be blogging my progress on my digital side-projects. I'll be blogging about technology, and a lot about things like Golang, Docker, microservice architecture. Also I'll be blogging about my travels, language learning, music, and other …

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